Hand painting a kitchen is very skilled work. Gary served his time under Master Craftsmen learning the traditional skills of graining, stenciling, marbling and rag rolling. Brush skills requires years of training to develop the required sensitivity. The brush work from preparation to finish requires a high level of skill.

What makes Gary’s work stand out is the attention to detail, from the sharpness of the paint finish, to understanding how light works combined with his knowledge of how to apply paint to different surfaces to achieve a finish that is smooth as silk. Gary has hand painted hundreds of kitchens from solid wood to laminate to MDF. He hand paints both old and new kitchens.

Take a look at the Portfolio to see some of the furniture that Gary has transformed. Whether it is taking the table where a beloved parent played cards but has spent too many years in the shed, to taking a bland piece of modern furniture and turning it into an art deco masterpiece.

Gary prides himself on not only the quality of work but on the quality of service. Nothing is too much trouble so don’t be afraid to ask!